• Customers : Your customers are the entrepreneurs, for each client project the project is completed for its benefit.

  • Suppliers : Suppliers are the people who supply your warehouse.

  • Agents : The agent is someone who runs your business in a remote area, paying him payments and expenses.

  • Delegates : Is a representative of you who receives a percentage of the value of the project.



  • Any project or workshop is simple or mediocre managed from start to finish.(project name, date, workplace, type of work…..etc

  • A simple financial account for each project, showing the difference between the cost of each project and the amount received with details.



  • Categories Management : You can add, edit, and delete product categories from the repository, which allows you to easily handle the different products within your inventory.

  • Products management : Define the products you deal with in your warehouse, so you can enter it later into the repository.

  • Adding Products : This page enables you to enter products into the repository via an invoice from a particular supplier.

  • Stocktaking : You can instantly find out how many items are in your repository .


Daily Sales

  • You can sell products from the warehouse to the customer directly, or even provide services directly to the customer, without having to create their own project.



  • Obtain notifications through the application in order to be alerted to the imminent entry of certain product in the warehouse.



  • Multiple reports give you a detailed and comprehensive look at all aspects of your work.