Keep abreast of developments in all areas of scientific, commercial, and industrial automation and medical is chiefly to assist medical centers and clinics in easy and secure management.Adam System for Medical Facilities has been made to provide full convenience to the patient, physician, and administrator, which takes into account all the details in the management of these centers, using the most recent scientific findings in this field.


manager services

  • Center monitoring for every single detail anywhere internet access is available (receptionist – clinics – pharmacy – lab – warehouse – patients).

  • Flexibility in adding unlimited number of clinics.

  • Specifying the number of medical diagnosiss done by every clinic on a specific date.

  • Access to medicines and materials inventory at the warehouse and the center’s needed supplies, consumables and others.

  • Access to medicines in the pharmacy and see the available quantities.

  • Get detailed reports for all departments.

  • Get detailed reports on the performance of all members of the Centre.

  • Get detailed reports for all patients by regions to assist in the decision opening a new center.


doctors' services

  • See previous bookings and daily appointments anywhere internet access is available.

  • See the patient’s details before the medical diagnosis.

  • Get a detailed report on the number of patients were spotted permanently or for a specific date.

  • A list of the names and details of all types of medicines available in the country.

  • Easy and accessible archiving of the medical condition(genetic diseases – allergies – vaccinations).

  • Archive the medicine given to each patient and responsiveness.

  • Archive test results performed for each patient.


receptionists' services

  • See dates for bookings made online.

  • Finding any patient’s name has a previous visit by searching for (ID – name).

  • Finding daily bookings for each clinic.

  • Easy bookings organization for every physician.

  • A list of patients’ phone numbers for contacting with them to let them know all new about the center.

  • A list of physicians’ phone numbers for emergency contact.


patients' services

  • Online previous booking through a user name and password obtained on his first visit to the center.

  • See the table of competences in the Center and its doctors-time.

  • See his entire document file (diagnosis – medicines – lab tests).

  • Medical file printing access when needed.


laboratory technicians' services

  • A full list of global lab tests names.

  • Possibility of adding new lab test if not available in the main menu.

  • Organizing daily-required lab work.

  • Organizing lab tests submitting dates.


pharmacist services

  • Detailed list of available medicines.

  • Know contents of the pharmacy permanently.

  • Be notified when there is a shortage of a certain medicine.


store keeper services

  • Detailed inventory for the warehouse stockings (Assets – equipment – listed medicines – materials – consumables).

  • Find out the shortages in the pharmacy on a daily basis to work on compensation.